Tennis betting sites in India

Tennis betting is not among the most popular activities in India at the moment, however thanks to the changes in the WTA and ATP Tour, most probably this is about to change. Many more tennis players are coming and challenge the status quo. In case you are interested in tennis and want to bet on tennis, there is a good list of tennis betting sites in India that you can try. They come with the latest odds, live betting options, mobile betting options and additional information on how to bet using Indian rupees.

The significant tournaments include AITA, the All India Tennis Championships and the Bengal Lawn Tennis Championship. Among the leaders in tennis in India now is Leander Paes, who has participated in many Grand Slams such as the US Open and Wimbledon. Another promising tennis player and an AITA winner is Yuki Bhambri.

The major worldwide tennis events

Which are the primary global events that people from India can bet on? In general, there are two main types of tennis events – team cups and Grand Slam tournaments. Both types are prevalent to watch and to bet on.

There are 4 Grand Slam tournaments as follows:

  • Wimbledon, which takes place in London in the period from June to July
  • US Open, which is played in New York City in the period from August to September
  • French Open, which is happening in Paris in the period in May through Jun
  • Australian Open, which takes place in Melbourne each January

During these Grand Slam tennis tournaments are gathered the highest ranked and best tennis players from all over the world. The Indian player Yuki Bhambri was also able to qualify to Wimbledon. Besides, many other young athletes from India are expected to make their way to these great tournaments.

The other tournaments are Team Cups, which are also very interesting. They include:

  • Davis Cup – it is played by only men in the period from February until 17th November, when is the Finals match.
  • Fed Cup – it is performed only by women in the period from the 9th of February until 3rd November when is the Finals match.
  • Hopman Cup – that tournament is played by both men and women, starting from the 29th of December and lasting until the 5th of January.

The team cups are tournaments played between countries, which are trying to get their players into a higher ranking around the world.

How to bet on tennis in India?

If you want to bet on tennis in India on the different tournaments and tennis matches, you need to know the different types of bets that are possible for you. These are the basic tennis bets:

Tennis Set Bets - these bets is when you bet on the outcome of the match by betting on the player who you think will be the winner. Besides, on top of picking the match-winner, you further need to decide by how many sets this player will win by.

Tennis Match Winner Bets – these are the most common bets. You place a bet on one of the players as you believe that he will win the match.

Tennis Handicap Bets – these bets are placed on the point spread or handicap, between two players or teams. The range is the handicap that is given to one player/team to even out the odds. In other words, the spread tells you by how many sets the player has to win.

Game Score Bets – these are bets placed on the score of each game. You are the one to decide the points that each player will get during a particular game.

Total Games Bets – these are bets on the over or under the games a player will win during the match.

Tennis betting in India

The betters should know that it is very important to work with legitimate tennis betting sites. They should be able to find the right markets to bet on, the promising players and matches, the tournaments that offer the best bets. It is of extreme importance to do tennis betting in India using trustworthy and licensed tennis sports websites. Such sites should provide useful information that shall help you make an informed betting while ensuring legitimacy and transparency. The criteria for tennis betting sites that are suitable is based on several important parameters listed below.

Secure and fast money withdrawals - the best tennis betting sites that people in India can use are the ones that offer the making of fast deposits and withdrawals. The best payment methods for betting on tennis in Indian Rupees are Neteller and Skrill, as well as Visa and Mastercard.

The great tennis betting sites do cover all the major tennis tournaments such as the women’s Premier events, the nine ATP Masters and the four Grand Slams. These sites offer free bets as well.

Australian Open – this is the first of the Grand Slam of the season and the last popular of all four. Yet, the tennis tournament is a nice test for the players who try themselves playing in extreme heat. Those new to the tennis betting is advisable to start with this tournament first.

Roland Garros – also known as the French Open is the largest tennis tournament in Europe. There is a women’s part of the tournament that is interesting as well.

Wimbledon – that is the oldest tennis tournament and the one with most class in the world. The competition is serious among world-class tennis players and the betting is pretty interesting as well.

US Open – that is the final tennis tournament of the Grand Slam. Tennis betting is very interesting here as it is unpredictable. It should be noted that this tournament is also great for younger tennis players that are performing well. If you like risky betting and wish to win good money, try the US Open betting sites.

Live tennis betting is also an option – it allows betting on a tennis match while it is still being in play. You are allowed to bet based on the match – who will win the next set, the next game, etc. The aim is to understand the game and read the signs. The in-play tennis betting is available in all betting sites in India, allowing you to make good betting on tennis in Indian Rupees.

The live tennis betting allows you to predict the winner of the next game in set, to predict the number of the games played in a set, to predict the winner of the set or to predict the winner of the next break point, etc.

In order to make most of the live tennis betting, you will need a very stable and fast internet connection and you should watch the tennis match to make accurate predictions.

Tennis betting odds

Tennis betting odds are crucial and that is why you should search for the sites with the best odds possible. When the winner is obvious, the master thing is to find the betting site that will give you the most for your money. Betting on a site with bad tennis betting odds is not nice, especially if knowing that there are sites that can offer great tennis betting odds and bring you decent money. Thus, always get the information related to the tennis betting odds before making the bet.

The good betting sites also offer free bets and promotions. Indians, like all other betters, love to use these free betting odds and promotion offers. Many sites further offer year-long promotions and free bets when it comes to tennis. These are really handy during the big tournaments.

Tennis betting tips and predictions

When betting it is always great if you can get wise tennis betting tips and nice soccer betting tips. It is also advisable to learn the differences between the tennis betting tips and the tennis betting strategy. That will make the betting on this competitive sport very interesting.

  • Check the tennis courts used during the tournament – hard cement, clay or grass. Then find out which player is performing best at the specific court. This will help you a lot.
  • Read about the tennis players at the tournament and check who has the greatest potential to win, by looking at their statistics and recent events.
  • Try the different tennis betting options and take advantage of them. During the live betting and in-play betting, you can use game bets while watching how well the players are doing.
  • Find about the physical form and the past injuries of the players, as they can affect the match.
  • Check the weather forecast – the high winds can be of big influence, as well as the extremely high and low temperatures. The rain usually postpones the tennis matches.

Tennis betting apps

When you want to place a bet on tennis, try the tennis betting apps that work for India. You can get access to them through your mobile phone, which makes the betting very easy and straightforward. They usually offer the tennis betting odds in real time, which is very helpful. Before placing the bet, always analyse the odds, the condition of the tennis player and the recent history of his or her games. This will show you who is the tennis player with the highest chance of winning the game.

Tennis tournaments are many and very interesting, just as the tennis games. Try to get the tennis betting apps that work best for you and enjoy the betting.

Most popular tennis bet types in India

There are various tennis bet types in India. Among the most popular ones are the live betting and streaming. Betting on tennis is fun, and the thrill gets higher when you bet on each game. The live betting is a chance to make good money. The live betting sites usually stream important and expensive matches, and they allow you not only to bet on a certain player using Indian rupees, but also to have fun enjoying quality tennis.

Tennis betting can be more exciting than betting on the team sports, as you are betting here on a particular player and their form. With a good research and the right information, this could be a great way to win money in a responsible way and have gun meanwhile. There are many offers and specific tennis promotions to choose from!

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