Football betting sites in India

It is widely known that cricket is the most popular and followed sport in India, yet football is important as well and has its loyal followers. The game of football is quite popular in the Indian states of Goa and Kerala, Manipur and Meghalaya, West-Bengal, Sikkim and Nagaland. Football was introduced to India in the 19th century by the British soldiers. With time passing, football evolved in India and many clubs were established. The first ever football club in India is Calcutta FC that started in 1872.

The football games are headed by AIFF – the All India Football Federation and the regional bodies that are connected to it. AIFF is associated with the worldwide acknowledged authority for football – FIFA. Besides the trend of playing and watching, football betting in India is also on the rise. Many Indians now want to bet on football, on their favorite player and team.

How to bet on football in India?

The football betting is among the most popular options to bet on in India. It is behind cricket in India, but still football betting is still popular in India. Since Indians love to bet on sports online, it is not surprising that many European betting sites offer the people to bet on major football leagues such as the Spanish La Liga, the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A, etc. The options to bet on regional and domestic Indian football competitions are also many including the local Indian Super League and the I-League.

There are many football betting sites for Indians. Among the most popular ones is Betway, which site has a serious football coverage and also accepts bettors from India and INR directly for deposit. Football betting in India

The football in India is increasing in popularity and so is the number of Indian players that are looking for betting on football in Indian Rupees. It should be said that football is among the most available sports on the betting market and that gives the Indian players many options when it comes to football betting. Which are the football betting sites that are best to be used in India? There are several good online betting sites. The bettors should know that there are things to be considered when selecting a football betting site.

The betting site should accept Indian Rupees – in this way you will be able to deposit and later to withdraw money easily. Making deposits with other currencies is not that easy and fast, while being more expensive too.

The betting account should be easy to sign in – there are many websites that provide you the option of football betting. That is why you should not waste your time with sites that have slow sign-up procedures. The sign up process has to be fast and very easy.

The signing in should not be complicated – if you need to confirm your identity, upload passport pictures, etc. just ignore that. You should enjoy uncomplicated sign up procedure. The betting site provides generous welcome offers – since the online betting is quite a competitive market, the betting sites go the extra mile to attract new players. They offer various welcome packages and bonuses. Once you press the claim button, you are redirected to the sign up page and as you complete the sign up you are offered the bonus. How cool is that!

Live football streaming – only some of the big betting sites provide live streaming since it is a very expensive feature. The sites that offer live streaming have plenty of football games on their program from the European and from the domestic Indian leagues for football. The live betting sites offer you the chance to make profit while betting in real time.

The good football betting sites also come with low commission fees – these are the fees that are charged by the bookmakers when you win on their platform. The fee is the payment that the bookmakers get. It is ok to pay a fee, unless it is unreasonably high. The smaller the commission fee is, the more money from your winnings you take with you.

Football betting odds

When choosing a betting site, usually the botters check the market and the football betting odds. The bigger the betting market is, the better the football betting odds are. Let us find out which are the most popular betting sites in India that offer the best football betting odds.

Bet356 – this is one of the most popular online betting sites all over the world. It has more than 4 million users in more than 200 countries. It runs under a British online gambling company and offers options for betting on poker and casino games, cricket and football, baseball and basketball, etc. The website offers live streaming for many sport events and different betting methods. The registration process is simple – requiring the date of birth and the address. You can bet on several events at the same time and use the cash out feature. The website has bonus points for specific important leagues, and offers great football betting odds.

Unibet – that online gambling site is part of a large betting group with many different games. The site offers a special program for the Indian players so that they can bet on sport games. The site has 11 million users in more than 100 countries. The headquarters of the company is in Malta and the company is sponsor of many sport events including the European Championships and football leagues. The site has one of the finest selections of football betting odds on the market. The registration process is easy and fast.

22Bet – that is one of the best sites on the market when we consider football betting. Run by a European company, the site allows you to communicate with other members and get useful hints and advices from sports professionals. The platform is ideal for beginners, provides easy payment methods and high level of security. The football betting odds are great and the betting process is simple. The site allows you to place any types of bets like singles and systems, accumulators and chains. The customer support is impeccable.

Football betting tips and predictions

Football is among the most popular sports in the world and even if not being that popular in India as cricket and horse racing, many Indians love to watch it and to bet on it. Quite popular in India is the Shillong Premier League, the English Premier League and the Champion’s League in Europe. Many betting sites provide great options to bet on football and make it very easy. Before choosing a football betting site, you should make sure it accepts Indian players, that it offers live betting and live streaming. These special features make the process much more exciting. Checking the sites for useful football betting tips is also a wise thing to do.

Which are the best soccer betting tips and where to find the best predictions on football betting?

Futures – the so called futures betting is a kind of long-term bet that you can make. They are available for most of the season, for example on which team will win the title as the season comes to an end.

Betting on a match – this is the most popular type of bet in football betting. That is betting on which team will win the game, or which team will draw.

Prop bets – this is a bet which might not have something to do with the outcome of the game. It could be on the man of the match, the most valuable player, or a bet if a player will score a goal in that match.

The Asian Handicup bet – this bet is on a team that is considered to be better by the sportsbook. The team has to win certain goals to fulfil their program and part of the bargain.

Betting on totals – that is a bet when a sportsbook sets a total for the number of goals scored and you bet on the numbers over or under that.

One of the popular football betting tips is that the key to the winning lies in the betting with the best odds. But which website offers the best football odds? The smaller the market is, the lower the betting options are. This means that the Indian League cannot reach the betting limits of the Italian Series A, the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga or the German Bundesliga.

Try to avoid the cup games – the practice shows that they often throw p surprises.

Do your research – among the most popular things when betting on football is to do your research. When you bet on a smaller league as the Indian league, you can get great value, but with smaller limits. In other words, the leagues in the countries where football is not that popular sport can be a goldmine for those who are good at research – check the goals scored and the total goals, read the match reports and find out how is the team performing in general.

Football betting apps

We live in a digital age and mobile football betting is offered by almost all websites. In addition to the desktop versions, the sites provide football betting apps to make their service easier to the bettors. The three betting sites listed above in this article provide a great app that will set the football betting on the next level.

Earning money with the online betting is great, however first you have to know a bit about the sport you are betting on, to do your research and to be analytical.

Most popular football bet types in India

The football in India is rising quickly thanks to the interest of the younger generations. You need to select the betting site that offers you the best football betting odds and to avoid sites that are fraud. Pick Indian-friendly betting sites with a great number of live football matches which are streamed on the website itself.

To avoid challenges that come from the gambling transactions, most Indians use e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, EntroPay to deposit and to withdraw money. This is a great way to keep your transactions anonymous and safe.

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