Kabaddi betting sites in India

Kabaddi is a popular contact sport that originated in ancient India, which is played between two teams of 7 players each. The game has many names depending on where it is played and is called bhavatik in the Maldives, hadudu in Bangladesh, kauddi in Punjab, hu-tu-tu in Western India and hu-do-do in Eastern India. It encompasses similar sports from the region and became popular in India and after that in Asia in the middle of the 20th century. Since then it had become one of the biggest sports in some countries and has been added to the top-rated Asian Games. Kabaddi has been chosen as the national sport in Bangladesh.

For the sports fans who live outside Asia and India, kabaddi is an unknown game. But it is the second most popular sport in India after cricket. Why is that so? The reason behind the vast popularity of kabaddi is hidden in the agility of the players and their speed, two factors that fascinate the audience and capture their interest.

In the past kabaddi, let alone kabaddi betting was unknown outside of India. Nowadays many people outside India are showing interest in the sport mainly as it now has a Pro Kabaddi League. Many people from Europe, UK and Asia, are now practising kabaddi betting since the game is fascinating.

Now you can bet on kabaddi matches and enjoy watching the games on TV, hoping to win some fantastic prizes. Kabaddi betting is exciting and could bring you a high profit.

How to bet on Kabaddi in India?

Before you go and place a bet on kabaddi, you need to learn the basics of the game and of betting online. So, how to bet on kabaddi in India? Now the online bookies have almost replaced the regular bookies. It is far easier to bet online, and the first thing to do is to find out which are the best kabaddi betting sites. The second thing that you need to do is to make an account and deposit some money in it.

Betting on kabaddi could be very exciting, but along with the excitement, it is essential to maintain a wise approach and pick the right website for online betting. The number of websites that offer kabaddi betting are not many because of the rarity of the sport. There are, however, a few trustworthy websites for kabaddi betting in India. They are chosen as such due to the secure registration that is possible – they as for the name and the username, the date of birth and a password, as well as some details concerning the preferences of the user. This registration usually takes 5-10 minutes.

They also offer promotions and generous welcome bonuses. For example, the website Dafabet provides a great bonus of up to 10 000 Indian rupees for new users. Among the most active pro-kabaddi betting tips is to bet on other aspects including cards, goals per half and number of targets. Naturally, the kabaddi betting market is not that big as the more popular sports like cricket, but some kabaddi sites offer quite lucrative bets. Let’s check the betting sites that provide the most exceptional kabaddi betting experience.

Betfair – this site is marketing itself as an exclusive platform for Indian users. It is the most favourite kabaddi betting site, and in general, that is the best platform for sports betting for Indian bettors. It offers a great variety of Indian sports including football and cricket, as well as kabaddi, including the premium Pro Kabaddi Betting experience. The site notifies the bettors about the odds and helps them place promising bets. The players are welcome to bet on Super Kabaddi League and World Cups. Each week the players can bet five in-play bets and earn free bets if they refer the platform to a friend.

The currency used is in Indian rupees, including the deposit and the withdrawal options. Naturally, that makes the usage of this site very easy for Indian players as they have no issues with the currency conversions and transfer fees. Besides, the interface of the site is simple, and that is another advantage for the new bettors. The presence of accumulator bets allows the players to go for higher profits, while the bet slip shows the actual potential of winning. The power odds sections show the sports that come with boosted odds. The players can turn blind bets into wins if they make a wise choice.

Dafabet – this is another betting site with a strong focus on the Indian market and Asia in general. It has a wide choice of sports to bet on, and it welcomes the Indian players by making the betting process easy for them. It also provides them with many kabaddi games and kabaddi betting options. In addition to the deposit and withdrawal options in Indian rupees, the site offers excellent customer service. Besides, it is available in Hindi, which makes the betting of native Indians very easy. The website further provides free bets of up to 2000 rupees.

1xBet – this website provides a great selection of unconventional sports and attracts the betters with a sign-up bonus of 200%. It offers Indian players with a lot in terms of kabaddi betting, as well as many other games. The place of bets on kabaddi is effortless, and the site is advertising itself as a platform where Asian players can feel comfortable. There is also a betting exchange available which allows the users to offer each other bets. The commission that is charged by the site is not high, which ensures that the players get enough profits if they are good at the betting.

Pro Kabaddi betting in India

The Pro Kabaddi League was formed in India in 2014 and consisted of players from across the world. New teams were added in 2017 and the popularity of the game increased even more. Now many people are passionate about the game and are pooling in for betting on the odds. Due to the Pro Kabaddi tournament, the betting on Kabaddi in Indian rupees has reached the recognition it deserves.

Today many of the sites that offer to bet on Kabaddi in their desktop versions enjoy excellent mobile apps with a simple interface for the convenience of the smartphone users. These sites include Dafabet, 1xbet and Betway. Thanks to these apps, the betters can place efficient bets on the game of Kabaddi no matter where they are located.

Pro Kabaddi betting odds

Kabaddi has the potential to become even more popular in the years to come. The online betting platforms have a massive success due to the Pro Kabaddi League. This means that Kabaddi betting odds will rise to the level of the odds in the cricket. Kabaddi has left behind established sports such as badminton and wrestling. In fact, after IPL, the Pro Kabaddi League ranks as the most-watched sports event in India. The upcoming rise of the Kabaddi betting odds is also apparent.

Kabaddi betting tips and predictions

Kabaddi is a popular game, but still far behind cricket if TV broadcasting and sponsorship is on focus. Even so, Kabaddi is quite famous for a country of such size and population. According to the legends, the sport is almost 3000 years old and originates from the Tamil region. The appeal of the sport hides in its simplicity and is played anywhere – you need players, small surface and some lines drawn. The fans are impressed by the speed and the skills, the bravery and the strength. Kabaddi is a team sport, but the focus on individual players is also significant.

The popularity of the game coincided with the increased interest in online betting. That is why the wise and useful Kabaddi betting tips are as important as the soccer betting tips, for example. The sites that offer this betting, also provide Kabaddi betting tips from experienced professionals. The best advice is to bet on the highest odds and always take advantage of the welcome offer and welcome packages.

Most popular Kabaddi bet types in India

Kabaddi is a trendy sport in India with various Kabaddi bet types. The live betting option is a very advantageous function offered by many betting sites. Live betting is essential when you want to bet on Kabaddi and an excellent opportunity to earn extra rupees. Thanks to it, the bettors and the viewers can place bets according to the current game situation.

Another great feature is the live streaming, which is offered by most of the betting sites. This enables the players to bet while the game is going on and to plan an effective strategy with enhancing the odds and placing a great bet.

Mobile betting is also significant, and a convenient mobile interface is a must. By using a betting app, you can place bets at any time and location.

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