Online cricket betting

The online cricket betting in India is becoming more and more popular every single day and is a favourite pastime activity for many locals. It could be said that betting on cricket has turned into a national sport. There are more than two dozens of online bookmakers that accept bets from India. Most of the leading cricket events are also covered such as the Test series, the ODI series, the T20 series and the Indian Premier League (more famous as IPL). Some of the national events, as well as the cricket world cups, are also covered.

People that want to bet on cricket in India can now find bookmakers who accept India rupees. Placing deposits in India is not the easiest thing to do, but if you use an e-wallet that the process is simple to follow. The setting up of an e-wallet account is the smartest choice. It takes several days to be ready, but then the deposits are smooth to set and to withdraw. There are two reputable companies for setting an e-wallet, and these are Skrill and Neteller. With both of these e-wallets, the client should register, complete the ID checks and deposit straight from one’s bank account. The e-wallet is used for deposit and withdrawal directly to the account of the bookmaker. The online bookmakers that have good reputation accept both payment methods.

However, in case you want to open an account with a bookmaker that does not accept online cricket betting in Indian rupees, then you can exchange currencies within the e-wallet. That is also a smart way to deposit amounts to the account of your bookmaker, as the e-wallet ensures there are no direct deposits to the bookmakers shown on your bank statements.

As a rule, the right sites for online cricket betting in India offer a wide range of useful information, which helps the bettors figure out the size and the deposits that they can make. These good cricket betting sites further offer information on the bookmakers that offer value, on the bonuses and special offers they provide, on the cricket statistics and types of bets, as well as on the cricket betting odds.

How to bet on cricket?

Betting on cricket matches is a process that is done in several steps. The first step that the client has to do is to create an e-wallet account which will take a few minutes. The second step is to send money to that e-wallet account, which can take one to three days based on the situation. The thirds step that the bettor has to do when betting on cricket matches is to create an account at the website of his choice and a trusted bookmaker. Then the four step is to deposit funds from the e-wallet to this chosen site for online cricket betting in India. The last, fifth step, is to find out how the betting on cricket works and to place one’s bet.

There are many variations to the betting on cricket matches – you can choose from various betting sites, you can pick different deposit options, etc. However, the necessary process is the same no matter which payment method you choose and which website for online cricket betting in India you choose.

Picking the most suitable online betting site

Many sites allow online cricket betting in Indian rupees. It is advisable to choose one from the several recommended ones such as Betway, Bet365 or 1xBet. The deposit options are also numerous. Those that wish to try their luck at online cricket betting in Indian rupees can choose several betting options, the most popular of which being the e-wallets known as Skrill and Neteller. Once you set them up, they are very reliable and easy to use.

Live cricket betting odds

Cricket betting odds are significant if you want to be successful at the betting on cricket. Once you have created an account, have funded it and have found the bet you like to make, then you will see some coefficients – these are the betting odds for the match for each of the teams. They stand for how much you will win if the be that you have placed wins. So how do the betting odds work?

For example, if you place a bet of 10 USD and the odds are 1.50, then you will get 15 USD if the win and your winnings will be 5 USD. If you lose, then you lose the 10 USD you paid for the bed, no matter the odds you placed at. In other words, to estimate how much you are about to win when betting on cricket, you have to multiply how much you want to wager on the cricket betting odds that you get.

Cricket betting sites in India

With cricket being the most popular sports in the country, it is only reasonable that there are numerous Indian cricket betting sites that one can choose from. Based on the online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees you want, it is easy to figure out how much you can get. The sites list of cricket betting websites in India is impressive; however, the top choices from the Indian cricket betting sites are Betway, Bet356 and 10Cric. These are the most popular and secure cricket betting websites in India, which offer impressive welcome presents and bonuses, and further cover all the crucial requirements.

The main factors that the bettors should consider when searching for a bookmaker are based on whether you as a client can trust them with your money, what kind of promotions and bonuses they offer, how many betting options they provide, whether they give good odds. The rest of the important criteria to rank Indian cricket betting sites include the level of customer service, the functionality of the software, the correct banking options and whether they accept bettors from India and betting in Indian rupees.

Cricket betting apps

The online cricket betting apps are numerous, and their number is set to increase. According to a survey, in 2018 in UK 43 % of the people were using a mobile phone to bet. Both Android and iPhone devices provide betting apps, but which are the best cricket betting apps?

Under the cricket betting, bookies are stored many online cricket betting apps. On the top is the sports betting app William Hill, followed by OLBG tipping apps and Sofa Score live score service app. The best online cricket betting apps cover the international, the domestic and the T20 competitions. So, let us find more details on these three online cricket betting apps.

OLBG Sports Betting Tipping App is an app that helps clients find the best bets by providing them with free tips coming from various expert bettors from all sports, including cricket betting tips.

William Hill Betting App is also among the best cricket betting apps. It offers to bet on different events including country championships, ICC World Cup, ICC World Twenty20, Asia Cup, as well as some exotic bets like Win The Toss and Most Run Outs.

The SofaScore Live Sports is another popular cricket live score app, which offers plenty of information on cricket and all leagues you can search for. The score is evident; there are lineups and details, standings and matches. You are allowed to see the current batting team, the bowler and the man at the crease. There are also statistics for each player, including runs and balls, as well as the Strike rate. The bettor is allowed to see the full lineup by the player, check the profile of the player and the statistics.

Top cricket leagues to bet on in India

There are many cricket leagues to bet on in India, but which of them are the best ones? Well, the best online cricket betting sites include all International, many domestic and of course T20 leagues.

Among the top cricket leagues to bet on in India are to be named:

  • The Indian Cricket League, existing from 2007 to 2009 with teams from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
  • The Indian Premier League, which is a franchise league founded in 2008.
  • The Inter-State T20 Championship Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, founded in 2009.
  • Karnataka Premier League, founded in 2009.
  • Odisha Premier League, existing from 2011 to 2013.
  • Celebrity Cricket League, a non-professional cricket league since 2011.
  • Tamil Nadu Premier League, founded in 2016.
  • Rajwada Cricket League from in 2016
  • Haryana Premier League from 2017.
  • T20 Mumbai League, founded in 2018.
  • Telangana T20 Premier League, founded in 2018.
  • Saurashtra Premier League, founded in 2019.
  • Inter-State Women’s T20 Championship, founded in 2009.

Once the bettor chooses one of the cricket leagues to bet on in India, he has to sign in, check the cricket betting bookies and place one’s bet. The sign-in process at the chosen online cricket betting app is quite fast and straightforward. Once the personal details are identified, the new betting account is opened. These are the steps that have to be followed:

  1. Choose a betting site – there are many Indian cricket betting sites as well as betting sites for various other sports. Choose wisely and watch out of the website of your choice is ok with deposits in Indian rupees and works with e-wallets.
  2. Check the sign-up form – fill in the form with your name, address and contacts. The security level of the betting site depends on the bookmaker’s license.
  3. Approve your account – some sites on cricket betting will ask you to verify your email address. This is an easy and straightforward project.
  4. Take your sign-up bonus – almost all cricket betting sites have a welcome bonus, and it depends on you to take it.
  5. Fund your account – you can choose from different options, including debit and credit cards, as well as e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.
  6. Place a bet – now you can place a bet at the cricket site. Navigate through the different matches and odds and pick the ones that most suit you.
  7. Verify your account – this is needed at each bookmaker.

Legal cricket betting sites in India

The most popular betting sites in the world are offering online betting to all leading international events and the major cricket competitions. The cricket betting is prevalent in India, UK, South Africa, Australia and many other sub-continent countries. That is why the best betting on cricket matches depends on the place. If that is an option, the bettor should always bet with a local bookmaker, as he will be protected by the local regulator and will thus have a bettor chance of a resolution in case something goes wrong with the betting account. Those that can bet only with an offshore bookie should pick one from Malta or the United Kingdom. Before choosing a bookie, the client should always read the reviews to make sure this is one of the legitimate cricket betting bookies.

The ranking of the cricket betting sites

The top cricket betting sites and the best cricket betting apps cover the major cricket events such as the Indian Premier League, the World Cups 50 Over and T20, as well as the Big Bash. These cricket betting sites hold international gambling licenses and cover various regions. Further, they support versions in many languages, present easy to understand and follow odds, include all betting interests and currencies. The cricket betting sites with a high rank further offer great cricket bet bonuses.

In general, cricket betting is prevalent in certain countries, and India is among them. Cricket is like a religion in India. Since online cricket betting in India is not regulated, local people are free to bet on cricket betting sites from abroad. The most popular cricket betting event for them is the Indian Premier League which draws a lot of interest.

The other major cricket leagues that are covered by the cricket betting sites include cricket tournaments such as T20 Blast, 50 Over World Cup, ICC T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, Big Bash League, etc.

Live cricket betting sites in India

The online betting sites are in severe competition, as many of the biggest gambling companies in the world are competing for the business and the bettors. That is why the cricket betting sites are continuously updated, and the bettors are offered various bonuses and promotions.

The live cricket betting is a process during which you are betting on a match that is currently being played. These so-called in-play bets are prevalent among the cricket fans due to the dynamically changing and updating odds for the next wicket, the head to head wagers, the top run-scorer and all other possible match situations. Such live cricket betting is not possible in all countries, but the UK sites allow such in-play, live cricket bets.

Useful tips on Live Cricket Betting

A game of uncertainties, cricket is a fascinating sport, and so is the cricket betting. The betting on live cricket matches tops that up to offer more fun and excitement. The uncertainty of the game results increases the chances of winning a bet and changes the odds provided as a prediction. Below are presented some useful live cricket betting tips that can make the betting experience even bettor. If you follow them and have an eye for the critical factors during the live game, that can affect your prediction and bets.

  • Pick a cricket market to predict a result based on your analysis of the live match.
  • Watch out for the changing odds on your market, then time your bets in accordance to gain the best returns on your bet that you can get.
  • Remember that your focus should be on winning and not on collecting money.
  • On specific cricket betting sites, you will find markets that provide very high live cricket betting rates in India. Remember that the higher odds do not necessarily mean higher chances of winning.
  • Check the match analysis and the predictions before the cricket match and be informed about all the cricket news before to start online your live cricket betting.

The live streams of the cricket matches are another common feature of the good and popular betting sites. Many bookies cover cricket competitions such as the Big Bash and IPL. By getting access to the live streams of cricket to depend mainly to the content right deals that were signed for the coverage of cricket in your country. Sometimes the live streaming is restricted to apps and mobile, as the licenses to show it on big screens is sold to the television networks.

Cricket betting tips and predictions

To be successful in cricket betting, one needs to read the cricket predictions and to get excellent and wise cricket betting tips. The bettors that use good sites for online cricket betting in India usually have access to free cricket tips. They are generally placed in the form of news in the news section or as an article in the blog section. The bookies usually offer the free tips during the times of the major cricket tournaments. As with all free things, the free cricket betting tips have to be used carefully and you always have to count on your own knowledge, information and inner feeling.

Before placing online cricket bets, the bettor should check the important statistics. If you know the recent history of the team, of the cricket matches that have been played and the ground on which the spinners have taken the wickets, these statistics can help you predict the cricket matches. A useful website on such cricket statistics is Cricinfo, which has an archive and selection of all international cricket matches ever played, including the results and information on who has taken the wickets. This website for cricket statistics is also useful for live scoring, as it allows the user to follow the commentary below all significant international matches. Another live cricket website that can be used is Cricbuzz. Both of these cricket websites have mobile phone applications which means that you can follow the cricket matches live whenever you go through your mobile.

The popular online cricket betting sites are further releasing new cricket betting promotions. This usually happens before significant cricket events and essential cricket matches. Among the most common cricket bet bonuses that are provided online are:

  • The cashback bonus – this is offered when you place a bet on a cricket match, and a specific situation happens, but you lose, then you get your initial stake bed in the form of bonus bets. The sign-up offers – these offers involve a deposit bonus or a free bed. In general, you make the first deposit, and the betting site matches it up to a certain amount.
  • The boosted odds – these are increased prices or odd enhancements, that can be found at the best online cricket bookmakers. The bettor is given specific matches where the odds will be boosted in case a bet is placed.

How to fund your cricket betting account, collect your bonus and place a bet?

There are different deposit methods that a bettor can use to place a bet at an online cricket bookmaker. The deposit methods depend on the location of the bettor. In general, the debit and credit cards are accepted by all online cricket sites. However, in some countries like India, the preferred deposit payment method for online cricket betting is through the e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. In other words, those that want to practice online cricket betting in Indian Rupees should bettor use the method of the e-wallet.

Which are the languages that the online cricket bookmakers support?

The betting on cricket is a favourite past time activity of many people and is especially popular in India. That is why many of the websites that provide online cricket betting in Indian rupees, make sure their websites have not only an English version but also Hindi and Bengali versions placed at the header of the cricket betting site.

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