Indian Premier League (IPL 2020) betting online

The 2020 Indian Premier League, also known as IPL 2020, is ahead of us. It is expected to be the 13th edition of the popular cricket league which was founded by the BCCI back in 2008. The cricket tournament is scheduled to start on 7th April 2020 and to last until 27th May 2020. The IPL betting online during that period is very interesting and exciting for all people that take part in it.

The Indian Premier League is being played in a double round-robin format. What does this mean? This means that every team should play against each other twice: once at home as a host and once away as a guest. The teams collect points based on the fact of whether they are winning or losing. According to that, the winner receives 2 points, and the loser respectfully gets no points. Then, as all the games are played and based on the points collected, the top 4 teams are determined. The winner team plays against the team that comes in the fourth place, while the teams in the second and third place meet for a second playoff game.

Indian people usually bet on Indian Premier League since cricket betting is among the favourite past time activities in the country. The IPL betting gets very intriguing when there is a tie in the cricket game standings. Usually, the Net Run Rate determines who has the highest-ranking and is thus winning.

Once the first playoff games are already played, the team with the highest rank that has won the playoff game is sent straight to the finals. The team with the lowest level loses and is eliminated. After that, the final two teams that are standing do play another game and thus determine who is reaching the final match. Cricket betting is a real art as it usually keeps the participants on their toes to the very last moment. Those that wish to enjoy high levels of adrenaline should bet on the Indian Premier League.

The History of the IPL and the IPL betting

The Indian Premier League exists for 12 years, which also means 12 seasons. This might seem not long for such a sport as cricket is very old being played long before the country the USA was formed. Even so, the Indian Premier League has turned into the main sports event in the Cricket world. It could also be stated that it is topped only by the world cup.

Formed back in 2008 by the Board of Control for Cricket in India, the Indian Premier League has mostly been credited for the sports increasing popularity over the last years. During the previous season, the Indian Premier League 2019 featured eight teams which were in severe competition for this exclusive title and the option to compete in the next Champions League 2020.

Many teams from India did their best to get great results, and many people placed a bet on the Indian Premier League, as the attractive options were severe. Now with twelve seasons behind, five teams have already fallen under this fierce competition, yet new ones emerged. All that made the race even more intense, since this is the most popular cricket league in the world.

IPL betting is fascinating as well since the Indian Premier League hosts the biggest stars from all over the world and naturally the biggest payouts. A real benchmark was reached in 2017, when Star India, owned by Rupert Murdoch, bought the global IPL media rights for five years for the sum of 2.55 billion USD. That immediately turned IPL into one of the wealthiest sports properties on the planet. This made IPL betting into the most exciting cricket betting that has ever existed.

Now the Indian Premier League has everything necessary for IPL 2020. The competition is considered an excellent opportunity for cricket players to be noticed and the superstars to be made.

The IPL has enjoyed continuous growth in the last years in the number of viewers, and its success has been tremendous. That is why businesses from all parts of the globe become interested in getting a piece of that success. In the period 2008 – 2012, the main sponsor of the IPL was DLF, and it paid around 36 million USD for this right. In 2013 the head sponsor of the IPL became PepsiCo, by paying 70 million USD. The five-year contract ended earlier due to the IPL 2013 scandals, and then the new sponsor became VIVO, covering the two seasons that remained from the PepsiCo’s commitment. In 2017 VIVO kept the sponsorship rights by paying 310 USD millions, which is by now the most expensive ever title sponsorship of all sports.

Other official partners for the next three years are Tata Motors, and the TV giant Star India, which beat out Facebook and Sony. Star India will have to pay 8.5 million USD per game in comparison to 13.5 million USD in the English Premier league. The sums are enormous, but the sponsors are willing to pay them as cricket is the most popular sport in India. As many as 1.3 billion people are watching the Indian Premier League. Besides that, cricket is attracting 60% of all team sponsorships in the country. The players get impressive salaries, and the teams make incredible deals.

To sum it up, the Indian Premier League is a vibrant tournament, and the predictions are it will become even richer. Naturally, there are scandals as the best cricket players give priority to the IPL over the international games.

How to bet on IPL in India?

Online betting on IPL is a pleasant process with many options. The IPL 2020 bets will be offered on all of the available IPL matches and at all online bookmakers. This means that no matter which bookmaker you choose, there will be standard offers available.

Further to the regular bets, the online betting on IPL has its variations. They include different prop bets, suitable for those in search of something specific or exotic

Which are the bets that you can use during IPL 2020?

  • The matchwinner – this is an online bet on who will win the match.
  • To win the toss – this is an online bet on who will win the coin toss.
  • Match handicap – this is a bet on the winning team which is bigger than the spread.
  • The top team batsman – this online betting is which Batsman will win the highest number of runs score and for each team.
  • The man of the match – this is an online bet on who will be chosen as man of the game.
  • The top team bowler – this bet is on which bowler will take the highest amount of wickets.
  • 1st Over Total Runs – this bet is on how many runs will be scored in the 1st over of the match
  • Highest Opening Partnership – an online bet on which team will score more runs before they lose their first wicket
  • Total Match Sixes – this bet is for how many sixes both teams will score in total
  • Total Runs in Match - this online over or under bet is for a certain number of runs
  • Most Match Sixes – this online bets is which team will score the most sixes
  • Fall of 1st Wicket – this online bet is how many runs will the batting team score before the fall of their first wicket
  • A fifty scored in the match – this bet is if anyone will be able to score a 50 before the game ends
  • 1st Wicket Method – this bet is on caught, bowled, LWD, run out, stumped or others
  • Top Team Batsman – an online bet which Batsman will score the highest number of runs, for each team

Many more online bets are available.

The online betting on IPL is fascinating, especially if one can keep an eye on the promotions and the exclusive offers that are provided.

IPL betting sites in India

The number of the IPL betting sites and especially the amount of the cricket betting sites is really impressive. That is why finding an answer to the question, which are the best betting sites in India is tricky. IPL cricket betting is based on many factors, and each person should decide on his own. Some people value the payments made in a specific currency, and others do not pay attention to that.

Research shows that in August 2019 one of the best IPL cricket betting sites is Betway since they increased their welcome offer significantly. This offer is a special treat for players from India.

The second best from the IPL betting sites is 10cric, followed by,, RIZK. The IPL betting sites have been chosen based on several criteria, namely their trustworthiness, the bonuses and the promotions they offer, the betting selection and the odds provided. The other measures are the banking options, the available customer support and the used software.

The trust

The trust is the most crucial aspect when looking for a good IPL betting site, as depositing money to an account that is not yours could be scary. So, first, check if the betting site has a license or not. If it has a permit, the site is expected to be honest. In case there are any signals of danger, stay out of it. Check the number of complaints against the company, the years the company is operating, and if it is partnering with other serious organizations. Further, check how the others rate the site and if there are any 3rd party accreditations. The online cricket betting sites are aware of how outstanding their reputation is and try to keep their right image.

The bonuses and promotions

These are money that you get for free to bet with. Even if you are sceptical, note that there are some excellent deals on the internet. Naturally, the bonus money has strings attached, but also with them, these are free money you can bet with. Usually, to get your bonus, you have to pay a certain amount before you can cash out your winnings. Always pay attention to the conditions as there could be severe differences between the promotions.

The banking options

These are very important in terms of the online experience. Most of the banking options are restricted by the authorities in the country and not by the bookmakers. Some countries place restrictions on card transactions to the gambling sites. That is why many people in India prefer to use the e-wallet options like Neteller and Skrill. The faster the placing of bets and the withdrawal of funds is, the better.

The odds

Most of the IPL betting sites provide betting for the big cricket games and leagues. Some cricket betting sites also cover the small matches and leagues. The leagues that are covered for sure include BBL, IPL, PSL, BPL and the Cricket World Cup. The difference lays in the choice of betting options for each game. As a rule, the smaller sites have win/loss bets, while the more significant sites have various types of bets, especially for the more significant matches.

The software

Look at the IPL betting sites with a critical eye. Are their colours pleasant for the eyes? Is the website offering enough information? How are displayed the odds? How fast the pages load? What about the overall look of the site? Do they have a mobile app or at least a friendly mobile layout?

The customer support

This is an essential part of the experience associated with the IPL betting sites. Contact with friendly support is always the best experience. Is it easy to start a conversation with personal support? Is the chat ready when you start the website? Do they prefer to answer emails? Try to find the answers to these questions.

IPL betting app

IPL betting apps were invented to make the betting experience easy and comfortable for the betting people in India. But which is the best mobile app for IPL? For streaming, the most recommended cricket app is hotstar. For betting the most recommended cricket betting app is the Betaway app. Below are enumerated the three best cricket betting apps.

The Betaway app features an in-depth cricket section and often provides bets of excellent value to the cricket fans. For example, the app has a ‘live now’ section where you can watch all the matches that are happening at that moment. It further has a section for the all popular upcoming cricket events. The Betaway app also has test matches and one-day internationals, etc., plus a great choice of markets. You can place multiple cricket bets, and the information you get is very clear and structured. This cricket betting app allows you to cash out your bets early, meaning that you can still cash out with a profit even if the game has not finished yet.

The second best cricket betting app is 10Cric, providing an extra value through great bonuses and promotions, offered to both existing and new clients. The site offers a massive welcome bonus, which for you have to register on the app or through the desktop. The account registration is possible only if you are at least 18 years of age. This cricket betting app is among the easiest to use, and the process of deposit making is straightforward. Another reason to choose 10Cric is the stats that they offer on each cricket game with graphics and charts and all the information you could need. The stats on this cricket betting app include the total runs and the runs per match, the percentage of the wins and defeats, the head to head scores, the average scores, the previous and the upcoming fixtures.

The third most popular cricket betting app is called 1xBet, which welcomes clients from Asia, Africa and India. This app is the most recommended one for people who come from these territories. The 1xBet app offers a bonus, available if you register on your desktop computer or your phone. The app works with various depositing options such as e-wallets, IMPS and also pre-paid cards.

IPL cricket betting tips and predictions

Making IPL cricket betting tips and predictions is not a piece of cake. Finding out who has the highest amount of IPL runs or who has the highest amount of wickets is not easy at all. So, is there a place where you can find IPL online betting tips that are 100 % sure? Is that even possible?

Well, these predictions and expert analysis are significant but will they be correct? If you find a site that you feel gives you the most accurate IPL online betting tips, stick to it, and it will make you very rich. If not, do your homework, follow the IPL situation, check all cricket news and follow your instincts. In this way, you will be able to make an educated guess and thus riskless and increase your chances to win.

Best IPL odds

The Indian Premier League means a lot of money for the players and the coaches. For those that bet it marks the most lucrative two months of the year.

IPL match betting is real art. All clients want to find out which are the best IPL betting odds, yet that is not possible. To win more and do great at IPL match betting, you should be informed about all the news and all things going on in the world of cricket. This means a lot of info on the players, many ground stats and history results.

The IPL match betting aims at the highest possible payout. The payout is the result of the amount you bet multiplied on the betting odds. That is why the more precise the IPL betting odds are, the best IPL matching betting is.

How to apply the IPL betting odds

The IPL match betting involves not only the prospect of picking who will win the match, but it also covers a lot more for those who want to earn money in the long term. In every game, getting the highest odds does matter a lot. Thus, searching for the right cricket betting odds is much more than half of the process. Getting the best possible odds when you place your betting is the most important thing to do in regards to the online IPL match betting.

How to find the best cricket betting odds for IPL?

It is simple – look carefully at different sportsbooks to get the best possible price on your bet. Check the various websites, compare the prices and try to save some money, while hoping to make a significant profit. Pick a bet that you like and then find a trustworthy site that offers you the best possible odds. It is a good idea to keep the funds at let’s say at least two bookmakers and then add on more once you have more funds or you wish to have more options.

Where to find the best cricket betting odds?

It is not easy to answer this question as it depends. The good odds are usually given when the bookmakers make a mistake, and this happens at different sportsbooks and different frequency. Other bookmakers offer better betting rates on a routine basis. All that being said, always check the cricket betting odds so that you can win more when you are winning wagers.

IPL match betting is intriguing and offers exciting opportunities for winning to all participants in the betting game. Make sure you find the betting site that most suits you, allows you to use the currency you want and the payment methods you are comfortable with. Then read a lot of cricket news and bet wisely.

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