Live betting sites in India

The betting traditions in India go back in time and since 2018 it has been recommended for the sports associated betting in India to be officially legalized. The live betting in India is very popular and brings a serious revenue to the country. Now the local people can choose from many live betting sites that accept Indian rupees and can also place bets in play. Before the Indians start to bet, they do need to make a research how the deposits and withdrawals work on the specific live betting site they have chosen.

The live betting sites in India are not yet set in the country laws, it is recommended for the bettors to choose sites that are licensed in other countries. Among the best ones are the ones with registrations in Malta and the United Kingdom. Thanks to the online betting websites global nature, people from India can now place bets with bookies who are based in other parts of the world. One of the main things that you as bettor should check when signing up at one of the online betting websites is the provided customer service. If anything happens, it should be possible for you to reach the bookie using a phone, an email or a live chat.

You should consider two main factors before starting with live betting. The first one is to find the right betting site for you. There are several online betting sites with great reputation which allow you to bet on games and casinos, do sport betting and bet in play. Among these live betting sites are Dafabet, Betway and Bet 365. The second thing to consider are the free bets and bonuses that the websites offer. These free bets will give you a good start. Practicing with free bets when you are new at betting is highly recommended.

In play betting in India

If you want to do in play betting in India, you have to choose a betting sites that make you feel comfortable and secure. The betting sites that live to these important requirements as a rule accept Indian players and deposits in Indian rupees. Further they offer convenient methods for deposit and withdrawal for Indians. Those betting sites also provide betting on important sports in India such as kabaddi and cricket. They also have a helpful and easy to reach customer service. Some of these sites provide a great selection of horse racing odds, while others offer better cricket odds, yet they are all good for the players from India.

The live betting sites provide you with the option to bet on the odds that are offered In-Play or in other words live during the game itself. That in play betting feature is provided on the good betting sites in India. The players from India can use the in play betting feature at the website 365 and the other sites which are reviewed and can thus place bets live while they are watching the game on the TV.

The good betting websites provide predictions which depend on the live changes that happen during the game. These could include the runs that are scored, the next wicket score, the runs scored, etc. For greatest excitement and incredible betting experience, you should watch the cricket match live and keep many important factors in mind, which can affect the end result. These are the main steps when we talk about the successful in play betting:

  • Pick the market in order to predict the result based on your analysis of the live match.
  • Watch carefully the changing odds on the markets and time your bets to get the best return on your bet.
  • Focus on the winning and not on earning money.
  • Remember that the higher odds do not necessarily mean higher chances of winning.
  • Follow the information, in play betting prognoses and predictions of the good betting sites.

How to bet on live matches in Indian Rupees?

Once you have picked several of all the live betting sites in India, you should learn how to bet on live matches in Indian Rupees. Check these steps on how to safely bet online.

Step 1: provide valid information to the betting site of your choice to make sure it is possible to place deposit and withdraw your funds in a transparent way. The good sites use encryption to ensure the safety of the sensitive information. That is so as these websites are regulated by the government and there are no chances of fraud. Once you have created an account, pick your free bets and bonuses.

Step 2: After signing in, make your first deposit by using the safest payment options like Neteller and Skrill to deposit funds in online betting websites. You have to create an account by adding your name and card or bank account, add the needed amount to your new Neteller or Skrill account and then make the payment.

Step 3: Go to the site and deposit the payment by using Neteller or Skrill. The website might require you to enter your account and password to complete the transaction. You will be notified when the transaction is complete.

Step 4: When you get sufficient funds in your account, then you can bet on any sports event and game, casino, etc. If you win, then your share will be transferred to your account as you start the withdrawal process. After you withdraw the funds, select the amount. It will be credited to your Skrill or Neteller account. The you can withdraw that amount to your bank account.

Step 5. To complete the process of adding an Skrill/Neteller account, you need to provide an ID card and one utility bill.

Live betting odds

Choosing the best live betting odds is tricky. Thus, before placing an opening bet online you need to learn everything possible that concerns odds. You have to know how to read the odds, how they work when you bet on sports teams, etc. The good betting sites allow you to bet on events from all over the world and they announce their odds by using different methods. The odds predict which party has the biggest chance of winning. So, how can you read and understand the odds? There are three different ways that the online sportsbooks use in order to display the odds and these are – American Odds, Fractional Odds and Decimal Odds.

The American Odds are most commonly used in the United States, however many Indian bettors are also using that format. The American odds work differently for the favorites and the underdogs of a certain event. The bookmakers display how much cash you have to place in order to win 100 US dollars, for example. When you bet on the so called underdogs, then the American odds will show you a positive number and thus demonstrate how much can be won by placing a bet of 100 US dollars.

The Decimal Odds – this form of odds uses a numerical representation and shows the potential return that can be won based on the bets that are placed, including the stake. The potential winnings are easy to calculate as the bettor has to multiply the amount he wants to bet to the decimal odds offered.

The Fractional Odds are used my most of the European bookmakers and the prices are displayed as a fraction or ratio. The first number is the amount of cash that can be won by placing a stake worth the same as the second number.

Live cricket betting in India

The live cricket betting is a type of betting that allow you to make the most of the betting on the odds which are offered live during the match itself. That special in play or live betting feature is offered by some of the betting sites. Since cricket is a very interesting game and is full of uncertainties, this feature makes betting on cricket matches much more exciting and fun. Naturally, those uncertainties can increase or decrease your chances of winning a bet. That uncertainty of a result changes the odds offered on the prediction.

Live football betting

Live football betting is also very popular, as it allows you to bet directly as the event goes on. You can predict what will happen next with your favorite team and you can also react to the changes in the game, thus increasing your chances using the in-play odds. You can try various special bets, while watching the game in real time. You can bet on the score, on the total number of the goals, and even on how many cards will be given and how many corners will be kicked.

Live betting tips

There are some live betting tips that you can follow in order to become a profitable player. Before you dive into the world of online betting, you should become a skilled player and not rely only on luck. So, how can you do that?

Get in-depth knowledge on the sports – you need to know the game from the inside out, so that you can be accurate in your predictions.

Try your luck at several bookmakers – try the most reputable bookmakers and their welcome bonuses. Get most of the benefits available, the best possible rates and odds for the sport you want to bet on.

Be careful with the selection – if you include fewer selections in the bet you place, you have a better chance to win. The single bets are the ones that make bookies lose a lot of money.

Be careful with the temptations – the lucrative odds not always mean great profit. Stay wise and humble. Make only informed and careful bets.

Stay open-minded – be pragmatic and do not gamble with your heart but with your mind. Your heart will make you believe that your favorite team will win, but your mind can warn you, so listen to it.

Betting is an activity of great excitement. However, gambling is a risky business, but it is up to you how much risk you will take. Make the most out of your bet, but be wise in order not to experience a great loss.

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