Horse racing betting sites in India

The horse racing betting is a regulated and legal industry. Back in 1996, the Supreme Court of India ruled out that the horse racing betting is not just a game of luck but also a game of skill. This was followed by a Police Act and a Gaming Act according to which the horse racing betting in India was no longer considered an illegal form of gambling. After that act and rule, the horse racing in India has increased in popularity. There are numerous great opportunities for Indians to bet on horse racing using different domestic and international horse races online.

Nowadays there are six Turf Authorities in India – these are race clubs that organize events at nine race courses in the country. In addition, there are many other inner-track betting centers and off-course betting centers. They all offer television coverage and accept bets through counters.

The best tracks to pick for horse racing betting in India include Bangalore Turf Cub, Mysore Race Club, Delhi Race Club, Madras Race Club, Hyderabad Race Club, Royal Calcutta Turf Club and Royal Western India Turf Club. The most popular and biggest horse racing events in the world include the races at Cheltenham and Ascot, the Grand National Race, the Newmarket and the Goodwood.

No matter which race you plan to bet on horse racing, you should always stay in the loop and know what is happening on all major tracks. This can happen by using various horse racing apps in order to stay fully informed.

How to bet on horse racing in India?

The Turf Authorities of India do their best in guarding their right to offer horse racing. These authorities tolerate the sports betting sites. The bettors themselves have broader rights – they are putting down money on horses and consider that a skill and thus, not subject to the gambling laws. That is why there are no laws that stop people from placing a bet on a horse race using the online betting sites, located abroad. Indian people can bet on various international horse races, organized in Ireland, US, UK and elsewhere. They can also bet on domestic horse races like the ones held in Calcutta, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and so on.

The Indian tracks show if there is a race planned on a certain date. You can bet on Mysore races if they are scheduled. Betway site offers bets on horse racing and events from all over the world including trot, jumps and gallop, as well as greyhounds. The site is characterized with easy deposit and currency options for Indians.

Online horse racing betting in India

The bettors in India have to be in the horse race to place a bet on the Tote or with a bookmaker. Naturally, now online betting on horse racing in Indian Rupees is also an option. The types of bets that are accepted for Indian horse racing are standard and below are enumerated the most common types.

Win: this is a horse racing bet made on a specific winner of a particular horse race. The bet is paid only on the horse which finishes first and the minimum bet on the Tote is Rs 10. Place: that is a horse betting according to which the better wins if the horse finishes among the 1st, 2nd or 3rd placed horses in a single race, when there are 8-11 runners. In case of fewer runners, the bet is good only for finishing first or second. In case there are more runners, then a 4th placed horse will also get a dividend.

Shp: the Second Horse Pool is a bet that chooses a specific horse that will come in 2nd (runner-up) place on a specific race. The bet is lost if the horse becomes the winner or comes in third place.

Quinella: that bet is when two choices are bet in combination to be the first and second placed finishers in a single race regardless of the order.

Forecast: when two choices are bet together for the first and second placed finishers in a single race in the order selected.

Jodi: that is a win bet on a combination of two horses in a single race. It either of the two horses wins, the bet is paid. Note that the minimum bet unit on the Tote is Rs 10.

Bar Bet: that is a bet that any horse other than the favorite will win or said the other way round – that is a bet on the favorite horse to lose. If any other horse wins the race, the bet will be paid.

Tanala: this bet is for the combination of the first, second and third place winners in a single race and in the order selected. In case the winner is chosen properly, but the place of the second and third choices are reversed, then a consolation dividend is paid.

Treble: this bet requires you to pick all of the horse betting winners of three different races. In case just one or two selections are correct, no dividend is paid.

Kenchi: this bet requires you to select the horse betting winners in a minimum of three or a maximum of five races. If at least two horses win, you will be paid a dividend.

Jackpot: that is a bet which requires you to choose all of the horse betting Winners of five different races. In case you bet correctly on the first four winners, but miss the last one, you will get just a consolation dividend.

Super Jackpot: that is a bet which requires you to pick all of the horse betting winners of six different races. If you pick the first five winners correctly, but fail with the last one, you will get a consolation dividend only.

Accumulator: that is a multi-race bet. You select one horse in each of 2-6 different races to win. If the first choice is successful, the winnings roll over to the next selection. If all selections are successful, the rollovers continue. In case one selection is wrong, the entire bet loses.

Horse racing betting odds

The horse racing betting odds are very important. In this type of betting we face pool betting and fixed odds. Tote, as the totalizator is called, is an automatic or computerized form of pool betting. It combines all the wagers that are made for a certain race, deducts the fees and taxes and then divides the proceeds among those who win as their payout.

That is why the odds provided are variable – before the betting is closed and the rave starts, the odds can move up and down, based on how many wagers are made. Then the betting closed and the Tote can be estimated, which means the odds or the current price are set. The clubs accept bets from the automated Tote booths that are set up at the racecourses. You can also buy a cash voucher from the Tote Service Outlets. All the Tote bets that are made are part of the same shared pool.

The bookmakers also offer fixed odds that pay at a certain rate in case the wager is successful. For example, if you place a bet on a certain horse to win at 5 to 1 odds, then every rupee that is bet will win five if the horse succeeds. This means that you as a bettor will get a fixed price on a bet despite the rising or falling of the odds.

But which bet will give you more - the fixed odds or the Tote?

Each of the horse betting methods involves a risk. A pool bet on the Tote at 5/1 is worth at 4/1 and 3/1 by the time all bets are in. The fixed bet at 5/1 can deliver only 5/1 and not more even if the odds go up before the betting closes. That is why some of the horse racing bookmakers provide a starting price or SP odds or what the odds are when the betting closes. Usually that is often to the Tote odds. This means that you as a bettor can bet at fixed odds with the Tote as a computerized bookmaker. The winning amount is paid at odds, set at the time of the wager, as printed on the ticket. There is also a bumper prize – the reward in addition to the dividend paid for the Jackpot.

The Tote bets start at 10 Rupees and can be as little as 2 Rupees. The bookmakers require bets of at least 50 Rupees. In addition, the Government taxes charged for Tote bets are usually half as much as the ones applied to the tickets from the bookmakers.

Horse racing betting tips and predictions

There are plenty of ways to apply horse racing betting tips and cocker betting tips. Some people follow the most popular tips, called hot tips. You as a bettor should make sure that you look at for the most popular racing tips each day which are shared on the good betting sites. You can compare these tips to the percentage of the people which are tipping a horse with the odds. You can also look for highly profitable tipsters with consistently profitable months and a good level of stakes profit. And you can also see the well-reasoned arguments for backing a racing tip from the horse betting experts. Let’s check some good horse racing betting tips. How do I spot a winning horse myself? Well, there is no formula to find winners, but there are a few things that you can look out for which point that a horse has potential. The key is to analyze the important factors in horse racing such as the distance the horse has to cover, the signposts and the handicaps, the going, the breeding and the outcome of the previous races. The going is among the most important factors in determining the outcome of the race.

Horse racing betting apps

Below are presented the best horse racing betting apps that could be downloaded on both iPhone and Android. The list includes the best apps for betting on horse racing and the most informative apps for horse racing stats, news, live streaming and so much more. Horse racing is the most popular sport among the UK betters and there are millions of bets placed on major horse racing events each year.

Paddy Power App - This is an app by the Irish bookmaker, which has been around for a very long time. It has betting in live venues in UK and online. This bookie has a focus on the horse racing festivals and you can bet on every single horse racing event while counting on the best possible odds, special promotions and extra bets.

Bet365 App – This is a world’s leader in sports betting, which is not totally focused on horse racing. The bookmaker offers some of the best odds of all UK sites. In addition to the best horse betting odds, the app also provides a great Bet Builder promotion. The new customers get a welcome bonus and many extra bets on major sport events. The app offers the best of time limited promotions that the site provides.

Ladbrokes App – this is live bookmaker with aim to make betting easy on all sorts of things, including horse race betting. The app allows betting on a long list of horse races in the USA, UK and many other countries. The app provides live streams of numerous popular events. The new clients get a bet bonus offer upon signing in and can bet on any event in the popular horse racing app.

William Hill App – this is one of the top online betting sites for all sports, including horse racing. The app offers many valuable promotions and horse racing events.

bwin App – this is a great racing app that you can install on your phone and do some horse race betting. The bet has many interesting promotions, including Free Bet Mania and other extra bets.

Betfred App – that is a UK horse race betting app with many special bets. You can bet on major horse racing events.

BetBright App – this is a new and nice app that offers many excellent bets and some great bet odds. It comes with an opening bonus offer and many other promotions.

5 Top Apps for Horse Racing News and Stats

If you need access to the most up to date news and stats, plus live streaming when it comes to horse racing, you should try the following horse racing apps:

BBC Sport App – BBC is a major media house with a vast reach and a great coverage on the sports. The app is great for each sports fan that wants to stay updated. As far as horse racing is concerned, BBC Sport will get you the latest news and updates including videos and interviews, results, etc., so that you can make an informed bet.

The Jockey Club App – that is the app for you if you want to do horse race betting in a professional way. It offers full access to all issues related to 15 venues operated by The Jockey Club such as maps and news, live race card and tips, etc.

Sky Sports App – this app will give you a complete insight on the world of horse racing including news, updates and regular results, as well as stats, race cards, lists of non-runners, etc. That is the ultimate horse racing app, which makes the betting easy and fast.

ITV Horse Racing App – this app allows you to predict the winners of 7 horse races and win up to a thousand pounds if you are right. You compete against other betters and you can win even without placing a bet. The competition is free

Ascot Racecourse – with that app you get access to race cards, maps, tips and plenty of useful information. The app is designed for the horse races that happen in Ascot.

Most popular horse racing bet types in India

Now we come to the question about the most popular horse racing bet types in India. We should say that the bettor has the task to know the horse racing betting payout rules in India. For example, if a horse is withdrawn before the race or if there is a kind of disqualification, that can affect the outcome of the horse racing odds in India. You as player should know the measures that will be in place in case of dead heat pay offs. That will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Betters usually try to increase their chances of winning by combining two or more horse selections in one bet. They use different types and combinations for a multiple bet. The most common of these are Trixie and Patent, Lucky 15 and Yankee, Heinz and Canadian, Goliath. You can create a multiple bet of your own. To make sure you are with the best possible shot, try to select horses that you are confident in and then find the right bookmaker to bet with.

The horse racing trends are two categories – jump racing and flat racing. There are though many different types of races in each category such as Maiden, Handicap, Selling, Claiming, Lady Rider, Apprentice and Listed. Each of these can offer new and quite exciting betting opportunities and are a good way to receive better odds.

There is also the so called lay horse betting, which allows the punters to set the odds of a bet and win the backer’s stake in case that special horse wins. The laying in running requires the bettors to lay horses while they are competing in their races and need a good understanding of the form book to win. The laying trading includes the bettor making money by laying horses that will later be traded at a bigger price. There is also an Ante Post betting, which centers around whether a horse will actually run or not. You as bettor haves to see whether the bet is worth taking on – what is the trading price, the trip and the type of ground, the course and the class, as well as the horse temperament.

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